Picture Books about the Environment — a selection – #readilearn

Sharing picture books with young children is one of my favourite things. Picture books can fill children’s minds with wonder, curiosity and imagination, and their hearts with love. Picture books lead them gently into the world beyond their own front doors. They allow children to explore the previously unexplored in the comfort and safety of their own familiar surroundings, at home or at school.

In this post, I share some books that will help children develop an interest in and concern for the environment through reading and discussion.

Ethicool Books

A good place to start is with publisher Ethicool Books. I recently interviewed Stuart French, the founder, who explained their goal of engaging children in discussions about issues such as climate change, ocean pollution, poverty and gender equality through stories told in their beautiful picture books. While you can find a full list of their books on their website, these are some of my favourites:

Remembering Mother Nature by Stuart French introduces children to the concept of Mother Nature and encourages them to take an active interest in the environment and help to save the planet.

My Rainforest Classroom by Stuart French introduces children to the beauty of the world’s environments and its inhabitants. It shows how easily the environment can be damaged and urges them to take action to protect it.

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23 thoughts on “Picture Books about the Environment — a selection – #readilearn

      1. OIKOS™-Editorial

        Hello Norah! Sorry, for a longer delay in visiting your blog. I really missed the very useful information, i also always forward to parents here. I think teaching children can only have an effect, if its done with fun, and for their pleasure. xx Thank you, and all the best, Michael

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    1. Norah Post author

      Thanks so much, Carol. It is even better if they can explore the natural world in person, but books help create the wonder of places inaccessible. You will find much to delight Lily. 🙂

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          1. CarolCooks2

            I will, Norah she is back at school now so not sure when she will be here.. Although because of the closures she had been with us since Feb so we can’t complain but I miss her dreadfully x

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  1. beth

    i love these selections and plan to seek out those i’ve never read – what a natural and lovely way to teach children about the environment. we talk about mother nature all the time in my room


  2. Annika Perry

    I agree, it is wonderful and special to share the reading experience with a young child … so rewarding for adult and child alike! It’s fantastic to see such colourful and vibrant books on the topic of the environment; an engaging and important topic for everyone!

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