I am an experienced and passionate educator. I teach. I write. I create.

I have spent almost all my life thinking and learning about thinking and learning.

I have been involved in many educational roles, both in and out of formal schooling situations, always combining my love of teaching and writing by creating original materials to support children’s learning.

Now as I step away from the classroom again, I embark upon my latest iteration: sharing my thoughts about education by challenging what exists while asking what could be; and inviting early childhood educators to support children’s learning through use of my original teaching materials which are now available on my website www.readilearn.com.au.

I also dabble in flash fiction responses to weekly prompts at the Carrot Ranch and am working towards publication as an author of children’s picture books.

I look forward to our conversations.

Best wishes,


117 thoughts on “About

  1. ceayr

    Hi Nora, it seems we have much in common. I worked in education, long, long ago, teaching computer stuff at university in Edinburgh.
    But more recently I have created, in collaboration with artists, children’s books, which you can see on YouTube or, just in the past few days, on TikTok:
    You might also like Apostrophes, an educational and hopefully amusing guide to their use.

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  3. Frank

    Hi Norah, i was reading your article and noticed the picture of the land of um boxart. I was wondering if you could let me know where you got this item. I used to play a game when i was a child and would like to own a copy and cant seem to find any on ebay.


    1. Norah Post author

      Hi Frank,
      Thanks for asking about The Land of Um. I had great pleasure in working on the game for Greygum Software. It is known in the UK as Scally’s World of Problems. You may find it searching under that name. It is also available as an app in the Apple app store under its original name.


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