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Waiting for life to begin

Waiting for life to begin

Carrot Ranch flash fiction challenge waiting

This week at the Carrot Ranch, Charli Mills challenged writers to In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about having to wait. Who is waiting and what for? Think about how the wait impacts the character or the story. Go where the prompt leads!

There are many things in life for which we wait. Children wait for the holidays, for birthdays, for Christmas and Easter. We often say that much of the joy is in the anticipation. But if we are always focused up what’s up ahead, we may miss the pleasures of the present moment. So, while I’ve gone dark in my response to Charli’s prompt, it is meant simply as a reminder to not let the everyday pleasures of the here and now slip by unnoticed. Enjoy life! We never know what lies ahead.

The Waiting Game

Her entire life, she’d waited:

To be old enough, big enough—

To have left school, completed her degree—

To have enough money—

Until after the wedding—

For the birth of her children

For her children to have started school, left school, left home—

When would be the time, when she could choose what she wanted, for her, no conditions imposed?

In the waiting room, she contemplated these things and delivered her own answer—never! Death was knocking, refusing to wait. She’d hoped to live before she died but life got in the way.  Ah well, the waiting was over.

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