Combat Boredom with Board Games – #readilearn

Note: This article was first written for and published at the Carrot Ranch Literary Community as part of a series supporting parents with children learning at home. The benefits of playing board games are the same whether played at home or at school. If you have older children or adults available to support children while they play, board games are an excellent activity for learning in groups across many areas of the curriculum.

One of the best ways to have fun while learning, or to learn while having fun, is by playing board games. Playing games together as a family helps to bond family relationships. Adjustments can be made to suit most numbers and ages and rules can be adapted to suit your purposes. While the main thing is to have fun together, there is a lot of learning going on too.

Social Skills

  • One of the greatest benefits of playing board games is the development of social skills.
  • Some of the social skills children learn include:
  • Getting along and taking turns
  • Playing fair β€” accept the roll (if dice are used) or draw (if cards are used) for example, and respond accordingly: don’t try to pretend it

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35 thoughts on “Combat Boredom with Board Games – #readilearn

  1. Jules

    It is difficult for some children to understand the concept of ‘It’s only a game’.
    Sometimes even playing simple games especially when there are young ones.
    But I think if all the players can be happy for everyone just having a good time it can be a very valuable to way to teach good sportsmanship πŸ™‚

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  2. roughwighting

    SO true. We have taught all of our grandchildren about competition and sportsmanship through board games. The hardest lesson was sportsmanship (ie, not cheating and not throwing the cards across the room in anger). ;-0

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  3. petespringerauthor

    I enjoyed this piece the first time I read it, Norah. As kids begin to get a little older, one of the best things for them to learn through board games is sportsmanship. I played so much Monopoly when I was a kid that I’m sure it helped my mental math skills.

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    1. Norah Post author

      Sportsmanship is an important thing to learn, Pete. I played a bit of Monopoly with my siblings, not so much with my children. It wasn’t my favourite game, but there is certainly much that can be learned from playing it. Rober Kiyosaki says it’s a great game to play for financial literacy.

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