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value of parent volunteers

I have always welcomed and appreciated parent volunteers in the classroom. The value they add to the classroom program and children’s learning is enormous. I always loved that we could do much more with the assistance of parent volunteers than we could without.

But effective use of the parent volunteer’s time requires a certain amount of organisation and preparation. Just as there is little point in a parent volunteer turning up at a scheduled time if you are unprepared; there is also little value in a parent appearing at the door during class time and asking, “Can I help?”

Parent volunteers can play a very important role in the classroom, especially with group work in literacy and maths, assisting with art lessons, outdoor activities and work in the computer lab. They may also help in administrative-type roles such as changing reading books and checking sight words. Perhaps they could read to groups or individual children, or listen to children read.

utilising parent volunteers

How their support is utilised will depend upon their availability and your class program.

For a variety of reasons, not every parent is able to offer regular assistance in the classroom. Indeed, parent help should not be viewed as an expectation but appreciated as a gift of their precious time.

when parents volunteer

Sometimes parents welcome the opportunity to share a special skill or information related to their

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18 thoughts on “The value of parent volunteers in the classroom – Readilearn

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  4. Mary Brearley

    I am a governor in a school and one of the things that I am currently (although I expect it will change) charged with is parental engagement. This is in an area where parents are reluctant to get involved because of their own sense of not having done well in school… we’re working on it!

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    1. Norah Post author

      What a wonderfully important project to engage in, Mary. So much of one’s attitude to school and learning is formed in the home. Encouraging reluctant parents to participate in school activities by making it a welcoming and accepting place can help break the cycle that goes far deeper than just discomfort at school. The “rich” schools don’t need the programs the way the disadvantaged schools do. Those families already value education. The less advantaged families see no value in school. What has it ever done for them but singled them out and made them feel worthless and failures. It’s a tough job, Mary, but someone’s got to do it. Our communities need more programs like this. Well done, and thank you!



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