Dinosaur party

My gorgeous little grandson is four years old tomorrow.

He is captivated by dinosaurs and engages all members of the family in playing dinosaur games.

To celebrate his birthday this week, I decided to make this little book about a dinosaur game with his family members (little sister Anna, parents, an aunt and uncle, and two sets of grandparents).

I hope you enjoy it too!

There are 2 choices of format: read it by yourself or read-along with me.

Read it by yourself:

You have three choice of arrows to use to page through the book : on the book itself, below the book, or on your keyboard.

Click on the full screenbelow the image to view in full screen.

Read-along with me:

Click on the arrow to hear a reading of the story.

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9 thoughts on “Dinosaur party

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  2. Bec

    Hi Nor,

    This is just wonderful! I can see how he will love it – he loves rhyming, playing with his dinosaurs and family, and he has been so excited about his fourth birthday. And more, he has been excited by recognising words so I can picture him fixated on this lovely poem and book.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. nco04662 Post author

      Hi Bec,

      Thank you for your positive comment. Artie certainly did enjoy the book when I played it for him on his television tonight, and asked to watch it again. I am pleased I bought the program that enables me to save PowerPoint shows to a DVD format watchable on TV. That it also copied the audio component and animations was great too. Artie was tickled when the pterodactyl flew away with his birthday cake at the end! I’m disappointed the audio and animations didn’t upload to the blog. I have some more learning to do!


      1. Bec

        Wow, the video is great! You can do so much with technology. I am sure Artie would have loved when cake was taken away – very special to be ‘in’ the story!


        1. nco04662 Post author

          Hi Bec,

          Thanks for your comment. I was pleased to find a way of uploading a reading of the story and am happy that it works quite well. I may try more in the future. Artie does enjoy his special story, particularly since it includes so many of the people who are very special in his life, including you!



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