2021 — a Year of Books and Reading – #readilearn

Books and reading are two of my favourite things. Or should they be combined into just one favourite thing? If so, it’s a mammoth favourite thing.

I have loved books and reading for as long as I can remember and turning others on to a love of books and reading gives me great joy. Finding that joy is one of the reasons I interview authors and illustrators and review their books. I hope my interviews and reviews have encouraged you to read some of the beautiful books I’ve brought to you this year.

Just in case you may have forgotten some of them and are thinking of last minute gifts for those young children in your lives, look no further. Books make great presents for persons of any age, and any of these books will give long-lasting pleasure.

I this post, I remind you of the books I’ve reviewed and authors and illustrators I’ve interviewed throughout the year. It’s been a bumper year. Just follow the link to find out more about a book you are interested in.


We’re All in This Together by Skye Hughes and Alice Coates

School friends – Kiana, Amin, Roshan, Casey, Ming, and Tyler all have one thing in common — they can’t go to school. The world changed very quickly and now they have to stay home to keep themselves and their families and friends safe. They discover that even apart, they can find new and fun ways to be together.

Go Away, Worry Monster by Brooke Graham and Robin Tatlow-Lord

Worry Monster loves ‘helping’ Archie worry, especially on the night before he starts at a new school. Archie feels so anxious that his head hurts, his tummy flutters and his heart pounds. He soon realizes that the only way to feel better is to make Worry Monster go away. He does his belly breaths and challenges his inner fears by facing facts, and Worry Monster is forced to leave Archie alone! Go Away, Worry Monster! gives children useful strategies to cope with their anxieties and stress, showing them how to make their own Worry Monsters leave, even in highly stressful times.

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20 thoughts on “2021 — a Year of Books and Reading – #readilearn

  1. petespringerauthor

    Wow! I usually know some of the books, but these are all new to me. The great thing about new books is that new readers will come along to enjoy them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Missionarysights

    If I repeat myself , well so does reading a book twice. When I was a girl my parents signed up to have books come to our house . The books ranged in size from a greeting card size to Encyclopedias. The topics were fiction, Bible, educational, Walt Disney, nature, enough to spend an evening a year long then repeat with hardly repeating a story. I have several storage boxes with them. Now I am starting my collection of ones I wrote from 3 autobiographies, children’s nature, adventure and some planned. When I get the 5+ published a highway awaits. Now the conclusion. WordPress has help with structuring my publishing possibilities. Signed a warm heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Norah Post author

      What a wonderful journey into books and literacy your parents provided. You are so fortunate to have had access to such rich literature. And now you are creating your own – that’s awesome. Congratulations!



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