The Adventures of Grandmasaurus — an interview – #readilearn

Today I am delighted to introduce you to the author and illustrator of The Adventures of Grandmasaurus and The Adventures of Grandmasaurus at the Aquarium Rescue Centre published in Canada by Common Deer Press. While most interviews and reviews I share are of Australian authors and illustrators, it is a pleasure to have this opportunity of introducing you to author Caroline Fernandez and illustrator Shannon O’Toole, both Canadian.

About Author Caroline Fernandez

Caroline Fernandez is an award-winning Canadian children’s author. She lives, writes, and bakes in Toronto, ON.

About illustrator Shannon O’Toole

Shannon O’Toole is a Toronto based illustrator, painter and elementary school teacher. She has illustrated Stop Reading This Book!, The Adventures of Grandmasaurus series, as well as The Math Kids Series published by Common Deer Press. Her playful illustration work is inspired by the unique and humorous characters in her life. Aside from illustrating books for children, Shannon has exhibited her artwork in galleries across Ontario. When she is not drawing, Shannon can be found curled up with a cup of coffee, watching old movies.

About The Adventures of Grandmasaurus at the Aquarium

Grandma is at it again! Moonie and I just want to enjoy our class trip to the Aquarium Recue Centre, but Grandma has other plans.

When dust makes her sneeze and turn into different Mesozoic Era marine reptiles it’s up to us to track her down, stop her funny business, and make sure we still have time to finish our field trip reports.

The first Adventures of Grandmasaurus — my review

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15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Grandmasaurus — an interview – #readilearn

  1. Patricia Tilton

    What great covers for this series. It sounds absolutely hilarious, even though the kids look a timid. This would be such a fun classroom read. Great idea for a book — this granny is a bit lively! Enjoyed the interview!

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    1. Norah Post author

      The covers are fabulous, aren’t they? I hadn’t thought about the children looking timid. I think they are just concerned about what their grandma is about to get up and how they are going to keep her from getting into mischief. 🤣 She definitely is a lively grandma!
      I’m pleased you enjoyed the interview.


  2. D. Avery @shiftnshake

    This sounds like great stuff Norah. It’s good to add to the Ms. Frizzle type of literature, make reading and learning fun for kids. Many Grandmas these days aren’t just the occasional special event adult but often are vital day care or foster care providers for their grandkids, the chaperones on the field trips.
    It sounds as if there is much to be learned about marine dinosaurs. Do these books have sidebars and other elements of expository text?
    Thank you for this review and interview.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Norah Post author

      You’re right about the increased role of grandparents in today’s families, D.
      That’s a great question about expository text and I feel a bit remiss in not telling about another great feature of both these books. While they don’t have the sidebars that you enquired about, at the back of each book, there is an illustration of each creature (dinosaur or marine reptile) included in the book with a very small amount of information.

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