Versatile Blogger Award!


About a month ago I was honoured to receive a nomination for the Versatile Bloggers Award from Bodicia who blogs at A Woman’s Wisdom, “A place to discover fabulous storytellers plus book reviews, life and humour.” Her blog definitely lives up to its description and is worth a visit. I am very appreciative of receiving this award from someone with such experience and versatility.

Bodicia was nominated by Michelle James at Book Chat, also worth a visit, as are Bodicia’s other nominations which you can find listed on her post.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award. Thanks Bodicia!
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.


My 15 nominees are:

Ailish Sinclair

Teagan Kearney

Karen Wyld

Vicki Addesso

Susan Buchanan

Paula Reed Nancarrow

Lisa Reiter

Lori Schafer

Karen Oberlaender

Diane Mottl

Greg Mischio

Anne Goodwin

Caroline Lodge

Charli Mills


Apologies to those I have omitted, and to those I have nominated for a second award. I can offer neither excuse nor reason. So be it.

This is the more difficult part – 7 things about myself. At least they don’t have to be interesting!

Seven random things about myself!


  1. My favourite colour is blue, bright blue; blue like the clear June skies; blue like the calm waters on an early summer morning.
©Glenn Althor www. Used with permission.

©Glenn Althor www. Used with permission.

2.   I love butterflies, birds and frogs: pictures, toys, stories, whatever. I used to think I’d like to be a bird with the freedom of flight, soaring above the world. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is amazing and inspiring but each stage has its own beauty and purpose; one could not be with the other. And frogs – well they’re just cute!

3.   One of my favourite books is Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I like to think I’m more like Jonathan than the other seagulls squabbling on the shore.

4.   I love being a parent. Both my children are adults now and the joy at seeing them grown; happy, contributing, compassionate, productive; is immeasurable. To think that I had a little to do with the wonderful people they have become is rewarding, but to know that they are more than I could ever take credit for, is awesome.

5.   I love learning and try to take an interest in most things, but am more interested in ideas than in facts. I’m not much use on a trivia team; unless it’s a nursery rhyme question – then I’m indispensable!

6.   I enjoy puzzles and games, especially logic and thinking puzzles and word games. I love playing games with the family and sharing a laugh. I love computer games.

Nor and Bec reading
7.   I love helping children begin their journey into literacy through reading to them, playing with words and language, telling and writing stories together.  With my own children it was magic, with hundreds of other children it was awesome, and now with my grandchildren it is just amazing. It is a privilege to share in the process.


Congratulations to all my nominees. Check out their blogs. You may find something there of interest to you!

21 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award!

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  6. Charli Mills

    Thank you, Norah! What a great group of bloggers to be part of in this award. The best part is getting to know a bit more about each of you. I love that you are such a passionate, life-long learner which is evident from your blog posts, discussions and the seven things about you. We share some things in common–I love Johnathon Livingston Seagull and I have a great affinity for puzzles and birds.


    1. Norah Post author

      Thanks Charli. It’s lovely to know that we have, in addition to our love of writing, some other things in common! Thanks for sharing.


  7. Diane

    Thank you for the nomination, Norah. I’ve stopped by your blog and many of those on your list, so I feel honored to be in such good company. The day after finding out you nominated me, I received a comment on my blog saying “Consider your beautiful blog, Liebstered”. Two awards in two days — my cup overfloweth 🙂


    1. Norah Post author

      Congratulations Diane. You definitely deserve both awards! You have wonderful posts on your blog – always something to think about. We have a great community of supportive writers – growing every day.


  8. Annecdotist

    Thanks for the nomination, Norah – I do hope I get the opportunity some time to return the favour. Such a great list of blogs here, some of us are going to have to dig a bit deeper if we are to find another 15 nominees. I love the things you’ve shared here – I’m also rubbish on facts, except for the things no-one really wants to know.


    1. Norah Post author

      Hi Anne, you are certainly a deserving recipient! There are so many wonderful blogs out there I find it difficult to be limited in the number I can nominate. I can already think of quite a few #Mondaybloggers and #wwwbloggers I omitted. It is great to have an opportunity of sharing. But as you say, the digging deep takes time and we must always make choices about how we spend it. I’m pleased you enjoyed my random facts, but I think you disprove your statement about being rubbish on facts in all your posts and stories. Your wealth of knowledge blows me away!


  9. teagankearney

    Wow! Thank you, Norah! What delightful news to receive on a Sunday evening. I’m loving how these blogging awards offer the chance to share the blogs we like with others. I will leave it a couple of weeks before I post as I just did an award post and am trying not to let people know how full of myself I am!


    1. Norah Post author

      I’m pleased you are delighted with the award. I agree. I love these awards as a way of meeting other great people too. How deserving are you to have just received another award. You have so much to offer. There is certainly no set time for responding though there is nothing wrong with feeling proud of your achievements!!


  10. Bec

    Congratulations, Nor! You deserve it. I very much enjoyed your random facts, though they could go on forever as you have so many insights, interests, and contributions. Great work !


    1. Norah Post author

      Thanks Bec,
      You are very kind. I guess it was lucky for everyone that I stopped after seven! I did have a few others I wanted to add, but . . . I can’t give it all away in one post!


  11. Lisa Reiter

    I’m honoured Norah! Thank you so much – I love the things you’ve shared about! I finally have a great excuse to subject my audience to my hens – which even for a versatile blogger, are tricky to legitimately post about under other circumstances!! Xxx


    1. Norah Post author

      You are welcome Lisa. You are indeed a versatile blogger, and I look forward to hearing about your hens. They’re not pheasants, by any chance, are they?



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