Flash fiction – It’s just the wind.

The fourth flash fiction challenge from Carrot Ranch Communications:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes the phrase, “It’s just the wind.”

This is my contribution. I hope you enjoy it.


Her crumpled body pressed tightly into the corner; she willed herself a part of it.

He was coming to get her.

His tendril-like fingers scratched the window pane, prised up the screen, tore down the blind, demanded entry.

With her eyes clamped shut, the images took charge: too terrifying to forget, too horrible to remember.

He’d never let her be.

His powerful hands pummelled the door, jangled the handle, wrenched it free.

Hands blocking her ears failed to exclude the menacing howl.

“There’s no escape.”

Her screams found voice.

“Hush,” they soothed the quivering mass. “It’s just the wind.”


Thanks for reading. I welcome all feedback.

7 thoughts on “Flash fiction – It’s just the wind.

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  2. Charli Mills

    Chilling, suspenseful flash! One of the attributes of flash is the word count and I like that constraint because it forces us to choose words mindfully. I see that strength in this writing with some terrific verbs that are vigorous and descriptive–“jangled” for one. Good writing!


    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you, Charli. I really appreciate your generous comment. I agree that the constraints of flash, similarly to Twitter, compel a precise choice of words.



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