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I love poems. Children do too. Poetry is a great way of introducing children to the joy of language, as well as to features such as rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, similes and metaphors. What is taught through poetry can be as simple or as complex as required by the ages of the children or your teaching purpose.

One of the great benefits of teaching young children through poetry is the fun aspect. It’s enjoyable for teachers and students alike and, when children innovate on poems to create poems of their own, very motivating.

With St Valentine’s Day not far away it is timely to read and write love poems. One of my favourite poems for writing with young children is based on the traditional camping song I love the mountains. I was taught the poem by the amazing literacy educator Bill Martin Jr at a reading conference in the 1980s, and used it with every group of children I taught thereafter. I have previously written about that on my other blog here.

The repetitive structure and easy melody invites children to join in and is easy for children to use in writing poems of their own, whether they are emergent, beginning, or advanced writers.  The poems can be completed using pictures or words.

This is one of my favourite versions of the song.

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14 thoughts on “I love poems – Readilearn

  1. thecontentedcrafter

    This little song makes me smile – it is also the name of one of my great friends’ blogs – Boomdeadda. Which she borrowed directly from this song as she relates to it so much.. Isn’t that wonderful! Of course you are completely spot on with everything you say about children and poetry. It opens the door wide to the wonder and beauty of language. I love how you have presented the song and related activities on your website – and a free resource too! I hope teachers and parents and carers are beating a path to your door!

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    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you, Pauline. I knew I wouldn’t be alone in liking that song. It is such fun and, even for non-singers such as me, easy to sing and just begs everyone to join in. I will have to check out your friend’s blog. 🙂 I’m pleased you agree with me about poetry. I, too, hope that teachers, parents, and carers find the resource useful. 🙂



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