I Feel the Need, the Need to Read! by Tiffany Oppelt

One reader’s story!

Tiffany has a “read for fun everyday” policy. It’s a great one, don’t you think!

Nerdy Book Club

Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am a reader.  Always have been and always will be.  Reading is more than a hobby or a pleasurable activity.  It is a true need in my life.

It all started early.  I don’t remember learning to read.  I clearly remember the day the words began to make sense to me.  I was about five years old and sitting at the kitchen table with the Sunday comics.  I got up to ask my mom to help me with a word and I never looked back.

From that day forward, I was unstoppable.  Aided in large part by extremely supportive parents and grandparents, as well as key teachers and librarians, I became a voracious reader.

Books were my constant companion throughout my childhood.  I received countless books as gifts.  I haunted my public and school libraries.  I would lose myself in stories, making new…

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6 thoughts on “I Feel the Need, the Need to Read! by Tiffany Oppelt

  1. Glenn

    Great post Nor. This is why I don’t feel too guiltly about the “guilty pleasure”, corny fantasy novels that I so adore. They might be hokey, but they are also great fun!



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