special days and events for classroom celebrations in September

Special Days and Events for Classroom Celebrations — September – #readilearn

September has almost arrived, bringing spring to the Southern Hemisphere. I always enjoy spring when the world seems to brighten, and gardens fill with flowers, insects, birds and other small creatures. The days are pleasantly warm and don’t yet have the stinging heat of summer.

I hope wherever you are and whatever season you are in, you enjoy it too and that you find this list of September days and events useful.

Before we get into September days though, I want to share with you the sad news that Sir Ken Robinson passed away on Saturday 21 August after a brief battle with cancer.

Sir Ken has been an education hero of mine, and of millions of others around the world, since first hearing his TED Talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? Recorded in 2006, it is the most popular TED Talk of all time. This tribute in The Washington Post written by Valerie Strauss provides an overview of his career and impact on educational thinking.

To honour this great man, I again share his influential video on schools and creativity. It can never be shared or viewed too often.

He may be gone, but never forgotten, and greatly missed. Thank you for your contribution to making this world a better place, Sir Ken Robinson.

Now onto the September days.

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22 thoughts on “Special Days and Events for Classroom Celebrations — September – #readilearn

  1. Anne Goodwin (Annecdotist)

    It’s always sad when our heroes die and I remember you sharing that video before. That spring has sprung and I’m sure you’re enjoying the burgeoning flowers and insects. It’s still officially summer here (and I can remember how hot it was this time last year) but its autumnal here I put the central heating on!

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    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you, Anne. Sir Ken’s message about education was powerful. I would have liked it to have had more effect on established systems, but systems are difficult to change.
      Enjoy your cooler days. I am looking forward to spring, not that we’ve had anything cool enough to complain about, it’s just nice to see the spring blossoms and added insect and bird activity.

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  2. calmkate

    ouch so sorry to hear about Sir Ken … why aren’t we hearing any news other than the current obsession! Surely other things like the death of such a forward thinker should be reported …

    Wattle means loads of sneezing, which is socially unacceptable these days … due to our obsession 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Norah Post author

      I hope your sneezing isn’t too uncomfortable for you, and that it doesn’t draw too much unwelcome attention from others.
      It is sad about Sir Ken. While he has contributed greatly, I’m sure he still had more to share.

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  3. petespringerauthor

    I’ve seen Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk before; it is definitely worth the time to watch. Schools should enhance opportunities for creativity, not stifle them.

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