Honouring Eric Carle, Children’s Author and Illustrator – #readilearn

This is a special month for me. It is my birthday month. It is also the birthday month of one of children’s literature’s favourite authors and illustrators, Eric Carle. I had already planned to write a post about Eric Carle’s books during this month of his birth. It seems even more important now since he passed away in May, just a month before his 92nd birthday on 25 June  — such a loss to the kidlit community, but what a legacy he has left.

Eric Carle was a prolific author and illustrator of children’s picture books. He wrote and illustrated more than 70 books. I’m sure everyone knows at least one, and probably several, of Carle’s books. There are possibly several of his books on the shelves of every early childhood and lower primary classroom. Everyone will have their favourites, but I think possibly the best known and the one that comes to mind first for many people is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

In this post, I list ten of my favourite Eric Carle books and suggest at least one teaching idea for each.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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15 thoughts on “Honouring Eric Carle, Children’s Author and Illustrator – #readilearn

  1. Jules

    I’ve always liked Eric Carle. Interestingly enough at a yard sale (from a retiring teacher) I picked up a book by him that basically had just the paper with instructions to make your own animals, plants etc – I’m hoping to use it the next time my grands are over!

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  2. Patricia Tilton

    What a lovely post to such an iconic author for children. Happy Birthday Eric Carle — my nephews birthday. I know hands down, that Brown Bear would be my family pick. I remember my daughter reciting the book in the car, at the grocery store and so on. Second would be the Hungry Caterpillar.

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    1. Norah Post author

      Happy birthday to your nephew. He shares it with a great writer.
      I love Brown Bear too. It is a really great first reader.
      Thanks for your lovely comment, Patricia.



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