preparing the classroom for a successful school year

Preparing the classroom for a successful school year – #readilearn

A new year begins! Happy New Year!

I wish you all an enjoyable, rewarding and successful 2020.

For many of us in the Southern Hemisphere, the school year begins later this month or early next month. Most of us are already making preparations for the year ahead, thinking about how we will organise our classrooms and what we will teach. Preparation can take a lot of our ‘own’ time but being organised can reduce anxiety when the school year begins.

At readilearn, our aim is to lessen your workload by assisting with preparation, giving you more time for those things non-work-related things you enjoy.

Start out right from day one

Establish a supportive classroom

When you are confident and organised from day one, the children (and their parents) will feel welcome and have positive attitudes to you, your classroom and school. You will set the tone for a successful school year for both you and your students.

The free resource Getting ready for the first day with Busy Bee resources lists some first day resources with suggestions for using them; including a welcome letter, a welcome sign for the door, desk name templates, name badges and a birthday chart.

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32 thoughts on “Preparing the classroom for a successful school year – #readilearn

  1. Erica/Erika

    Happy New Year, Norah! I always find it interesting to get the perspective from the Southern Hemisphere. Even though my children are no longer in school, my grandchildren are just beginning school. I am part of their village. Therefore, I appreciate all gems.

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  2. Patricia Tilton

    I had forgotten school starts mid-summer for you. Love the thought and planning you do to prepare teachers with resources.

    Have thought a lot about you and the environmental crisis your country is facing with the wildfires. So sad to watch on TV. It sounds like you are farther north?? Know that a lot of prayers are headed your way.

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    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, Patricia. Yes, I am further north and out of harm’s reach at the moment. There has been so much devastation and today is considered catastrophic for many areas. So much of our beautiful country is burning. The figures published into today’s ABC news are quite frightening: “To give some scale to what has happened here so far, international media outlets have been reporting the 2018 California fires burnt 2 million acres; the 2019 Amazon fires 2.2 million; and the 2019 Siberian fires 6.7 million.
      So far Australia’s 2019/20 fires have burnt 12 million acres.”
      There is no foreseeable end to the fires so it is quite worrying.


  3. petespringerauthor

    I like your philosophy about starting school. Kids need to feel safe and cared for. Positive communication with the parents on the first day makes sense too.

    I was talking to one of my brothers last night, and he surprised me by telling me that he and his wife are going to be vacationing in Australia in April. Winter storms are letting us have it right now; I’ll bet it’s quite pleasant in the Southern Hemisphere.

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    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you so much for your lovely encouragement, Pete.
      I wonder where you brother and his wife will visit in April. Hopefully, things will have settled down a bit by then and cooler weather (20s rather than 30s and 40s) will be had. At the moment it’s not too pleasant. We’re experiencing a hot, dry summer and bushfires are devastating large swathes of the country, particularly in southern states.



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