celebrating man's first moon walk

Celebrating Man’s First Moon Walk – readilearn

Celebrating man’s first moon walk in the classroom with ideas for reading, writing, maths, science, technology, and history.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of man’s first moon walk. On 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man to place foot on the moon. Buzz Aldrin joined him shortly after and they spent just over two hours together outside the spacecraft.

Since then another ten astronauts, all of whom were American men, have walked on the moon. The six crewed moon landings took place between 1969 and 1972.

Celebrations of the first moon landing are taking place around the world. You can check out NASA events here and NASA resources for educators here.

The way you celebrate the event in your classroom can be big or small. Here are a few easy-to-implement suggestions for different subject areas:

Ideas for the classroom

Critical thinking

When Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon, he said, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Ask children to give their opinions about the intended message of Neil Armstrong’s words. Were his words effective? How else could it be expressed?

  • If I were an astronaut

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13 thoughts on “Celebrating Man’s First Moon Walk – readilearn

  1. joylennick

    Our eldest son, Jason, was nIne years old and watched the moon landing on TV, open-mouthed with fascination as he was very interested in space travel, astronomy, etc., and we bought him a telescope for his ninth birthday. Our middle son was only seven, but was also wide.eyed – as were we! What an event, eh Norah! Hugs xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Norah Post author

      It was an amazing event, Joy. A travelling NASA exhibition is on at our local museum at the moment. When I see life-size models of the command module and other artefacts of space exploration, it completely astounds me. What an incredible achievement.

      Liked by 1 person


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