Author Spotlight: Lauri Fortino – Readilearn

The author in the spotlight this month is the wonderful Lauri Fortino, author of The Peddler’s Bed, illustrated by Bong Redila, published by Ripple Grove Press.

Please pop over to the readilearn blog to read all about Lauri’s writing process and her delightful picture book.

Source: Author Spotlight: Lauri Fortino – Readilearn

8 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Lauri Fortino – Readilearn

  1. thecontentedcrafter

    Oh jeepers Norah – I wish I had littlies to read to – it’s just not the same reading to a cat and a bouncy puppy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the illustrations – that book would be a pleasure to have in your hands wouldn’t it? I so admire people who work and write! Thank you for the intro!! ❤

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    1. Norah Post author

      It is a beautiful book. One day you may have little ones around to read it to? The book is a lovely tactile experience. Granddaughter and I love rubbing our hands over the smooth pages.



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