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Developing a positive attitude to learning and an “I can do it!” attitude in young children is important. Children need to be willing to take a risk, to have a go, to try something new. They also need to realise that, if they can’t do it yet, it’s not the end of the world. If they try again, practise, and show persistence, one day they’ll be able to achieve many of the things they want. Giving up doesn’t achieve anything.

That little word “yet” is very important for children, and adults, to understand. It helps them see that learning is a process, not just a product. Learning is something that continues throughout life.  If we want to develop life-long learners, it is important to view learning as a continuum. Every stage is important in and of itself, not just as a stepping stone to the next. If children are acknowledged for what they can do, they will be more willing to have a go at things they haven’t yet.

Developing confident children is at the heart of a supportive classroom environment.

An “I can do it!” attitude consists of three main parts:

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18 thoughts on “Developing an “I can do it!” attitude – Readilearn

        1. Norah Post author

          That is very truth. He has a wealth of information. Yesterday he was telling me about tiny wasps. 57 lined up head to toe measure less than a grain of rice! I wondered how anyone had discovered them! 🙂

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  1. Sacha Black

    YES.YES.YES to this Norah. We have been through a bit of a battle with of tantrums after ‘failing’ to do something. I feel like a parrot saying, ‘try again, you can do it, one more time’ etc etc. But FINALLY, he’s got the message and now he says “I do it again,” hehe. 😀

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