Imagine Our Special Place by Kelly Louise Jarris — #readilearn

Today it is my pleasure to review a beautiful new picture book Imagine Our Special Place written by Kelly Louise Jarris and illustrated by Sandunika Dissanayake. This post is part of a Books on Tour promotion.

About author Kelly Louise Jarris

As a mother of four boys, Kelly Jarris has been lucky enough to see the diversity in each child, which is how the characters came about for her first book, Wonderful Wishes. Kelly also writes and appreciates stories from life experiences, with her recently released picture book, Imagine Our Special Place. Her sister’s journey with terminal cancer inspired Kelly to write a book that touches on sibling bonds, imagination and feelings of the unknown. The story has been described, “Their imagination takes them out of their reality into other happy places”.

Kelly has a background in veterinary nursing and was once an Australian wildlife rescuer.

Visit Kelly at her website: Kelly Louise Jarris Books | Australian Children’s Book Author (

About Imagine Our Special Place

The Blurb

Sophie is unwell and has to go to the hospital a lot. This enchanting story is about two sisters that go on a magical journey. It touches on celebrating life and all its precious moments. Imagine being able to bounce off white fluffy clouds, meet the Queen of all the Rainbows and sip tea from a golden cup made from the sun! Sophie has a beautiful imagination.

What I like about Imagine Our Special Place

Many children have siblings who are ill and have to spend time in hospital. Many children are themselves ill and have to spend time in hospital. Illness and hospitals can be cold, scary places. Imagine Our Special Place with its bright, colourful and hope-filled pages lifts us out of the cold reality into the world of imagination where anything is possible.

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12 thoughts on “Imagine Our Special Place by Kelly Louise Jarris — #readilearn

  1. petespringerauthor

    Books such as these are so important. When I taught 2nd grade, one of our pet rats died. (Yes, we took care of a pair of rats. 😊) I was grateful for a book (I forget the title) that was about dealing with that difficult subject. It was the first time some of my students had dealt with death, and I was glad that the school counselor suggested I read it.

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    1. Norah Post author

      My daughter had pet rats and pet mice at various times so we had to deal with their deaths too. I had a book called ‘Lifetimes’ which talked about everything having its own lifetime. It was one of the few available back then. I wonder if it was the one you had. I’m told that caring for pets is a good way of helping children deal with illness and death. I’ve always been a firm believer in bibliotherapy and the power of books to aid understanding, empathy and healing too.

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  2. beth

    what a lovely book and positive way of dealing with this very challenging situation. I lost a young nephew to cancer and know that there is so much to deal with on so many levels. thank you for this kelly, this book is so needed.

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    1. Norah Post author

      This is a very positive way of dealing with these difficult situations, Beth.
      I’m so sorry for the loss of your nephew. Death is always difficult but it’s even more tragic when lives are cut short.

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