holiday activities for the family at home

An A–Z of Holiday Activities for Families at Home – #readilearn

In this post, I share suggestions for easy, fun and inexpensive activities you can do with family and friends of all ages over the holiday period. Most of the suggestions aren’t new but are simply reminders of easy ways to have fun together that are often forgotten during hectic preparations and celebrations. They are great for the lull times and the ‘What can we do?’ times. Enjoy!

A — Acrostic

Write an acrostic poem for yourself. Each person writes their name vertically and writes a word or phrase about what Christmas means to them for each letter.

For example, here’s one for me:

Naughty or nice? Why, nice of course.

Opening gifts — loving the look on recipient’s faces

Recipes for celebrating — pavlova, everyone’s favourite

All the family together playing games and having fun

Home is the place to be.

B — Book

Everyone choses a favourite book, perhaps one received for Christmas, and reads uninterrupted for half an hour (or more!).

C — Charades

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17 thoughts on “An A–Z of Holiday Activities for Families at Home – #readilearn

  1. Marsha

    Fun activity, Norah, Here’s my name.
    M – Marshamallow Pie – my husband’s nickname for me – sweet, huh?
    A – absolutely amazed at what we all can do through blogging
    R – reader, though slow to get to all the books on my bucket list
    S – somewhat shallow but enjoy talking philosophy, psychology, education
    H – hobby blogger supporting hobby bloggers
    A – altruistic – a goal more than the reality of my life

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