Pro-Bull Mashup Carrot Ranch flash fiction contest

Rodeo #2: Pro-Bull Mashup

Are you ready to ride another bull in the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Rodeo? Now’s the time to write a 99 word story that includes the names of three bulls: Bodacious, Nose Bender, and Heartbreak Kid. And if you think writing about those is tough enough, just wait until you read the rest of the constraints. Just like bull riding, this one’s not for the faint-hearted. Are you game? Come on. Why not join in and have some fun?

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Where else would you find a bull-riding flash fiction 99-word contest but at Carrot Ranch? Come on, all you pencil crunchers, gather ’round and listen to a  tale.

My dad rode bulls. His dad and his dad’s dad rode bulls. My second great-grandfather wore high-heeled vaquero boots in an 1880s photograph, and while I have no more evidence than those boots, I suspect he rode bulls, too. When you grow up around ranch critters, you ride everything that will hold your weight (you can’t ride a chicken, but you can ride a pig).

Getting bucked off is fun, or so you grow up believing. Your relatives and their friends, congregate in the corrals, hold down a critter, set you on it, hoot like crazy throughout your ride, and dust you off when you faceplant in the dirt and critter-pies.

Following this generational bent, I wanted to ride bulls, too. I…

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28 thoughts on “Rodeo #2: Pro-Bull Mashup

  1. Prior...

    Hi Norah – I agree with the other readers about how this is a bit tough – and I am actually going to have a go at it (I have some time after my meeting tonight – and I am going to see what I can get done… at least try )

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      1. Prior...

        I actually sat down and drafted one.
        I give it my output a B minus – but was the best I could do for the time I had.
        and I enjoyed it so much – I am so glad I hunkered down because I have not been writing much flash the last couple months – was trying to do it weekly – but had to pause because it was being forced – and a break was needed – you know how that goes – eh?

        anyhow, the mashup part at first was difficult but I found combining the elements actually structured my output.
        and wishing you a good day

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        1. Norah Post author

          I’m so pleased you did it, Yvette. I look forward to reading it one day. You rose to the challenge, and that’s wonderful. I sense a feeling of pride of your achievement. Well done!
          Have a wonderful weekend.

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