interview with Ashling Kwok about her picture book Lola and Grandpa

Let’s meet Lola and Grandpa in an interview with author Ashling Kwok – #readilearn

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Ashling Kwok, author of the delightful new picture book Grandpa and Lola, illustrated by Yvonne Low. This interview with Ashling is part of a Books on Tour promotion.

About Ashling Kwok

 After graduating from University, Ashling went on to become a journalist and magazine editor, before setting up her own freelance writing company. Over the years, Ashling’s work has appeared in a number of newspapers and magazines, and she is a regular contributor to a variety of online publications. When she is not dreaming up new ideas or working on her latest book, Ashling can be found scouring local bookstores, marvelling at all the wonderful books being created by talented children’s authors.

About Yvonne Low

Yvonne is an illustrator, writer and award-winning artist.  She enjoys playing with words and colours and is particularly inspired by nature.  Her work is whimsical, often has a dash of humour and always tries to tell a story.  She works mainly in pencil and watercolour, but also dabbles in acrylic, pen and ink, pastel, digital media and Chinese brush painting.

About Lola and Grandpa

Lola and Grandpa is the story of a young girl and the tender, loving relationship she shares with her grandpa. When Lola’s grandpa passes away, she struggles to cope. However, as time passes Lola starts to remember all of the special times they shared. She can see her grandpa reflected in all of the things around her and realises that even though he is no longer physically with her, they will always remain connected.

What I like about this book

I knew I would love Lola and Grandpa as soon as I saw the bright cover filled with the sunshine from the ‘o’ in Lola’s name. The words and images dance across the pages, reflecting the joy felt by Lola and Grandpa as they spend their Sundays together. We can’t help but feel the warmth of their love and wish, as Lola does, that these times would last forever. The wisdom that Grandpa shares with Lola — “Time slips away, my angel, but love and memories last forever’ — is as reassuring for us as it is for Lola.

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22 thoughts on “Let’s meet Lola and Grandpa in an interview with author Ashling Kwok – #readilearn

  1. Jules

    It is disappointing to some of us – when grandparents are not in the area. And then they pass…
    I think my own grands are lucky that both sets are around and love to dote on them 🙂

    I’ve got some of my relatives photos hanging on my walls to help me remember them daily 🙂

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    1. Norah Post author

      Your grands are very lucky, Jules. Mine are too. I don’t think there are many children who have both sets of grandparents living close by. It’s definitely a special relationship between grands.
      Photos are a good reminder of who’s gone before and where we come from.

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  2. Patricia Tilton

    I am a sucker for intergenerational stories and this one sounds magnificent. The cover really grabs you. Enjoyed the Books on Tour video.

    I learned about an Austrailian author you may want to get in contact with and interview. She has written a magnificent book — Bedtime Daddy — that reverses the roles for kids and dads. The review is on Vivian Kirkfield’s website. Very humorous!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. calmkate

    a lovely review … sadly I only have vague memories of one grandfather who died when I was three. The other died well before my birth so I often wonder what it would be like for such a special relationship 🙂
    Those with such memories are truly blessed!

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  4. petespringerauthor

    I don’t think many books focus on the grandfather/granddaughter relationship—that immediately makes this more intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Norah Post author

      That’s an interesting comment, Pete. Now I’m curious to see how the numbers stack up. I wonder if anyone has done the research. The relationship between these two is admirable.

      Liked by 1 person


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