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The TUFFest Ride Finals

And the TUFFest Write is nearing the finish line. The Fab Five are now the Thrilling Three as they dash to the end. Results will be announced on Friday. Check out their latest entries here.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

From 118 entries, five writers were selected to take the TUFFest Ride. A few brave challengers have also followed the paces, taking the ride each week. The point of TUFF is to experience the shifts that occur in our writing when we revise. The process forces us to change our first drafts to meet the diminishing word constraints. In making those changes, we further explore our story and make discoveries and decisions. Lastly, we infuse the heart of our stories with emotion.

Here’s a quick look at the shortest stories from last week — each one is nine words and expresses a different emotion [set in brackets].


Sapling nurtured, love grows an Oak death can’t fell [strength]

Unanswered dreams denied by fate suspended our love eternally [sadness]



Mudslide. This could not be happening again –…

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4 thoughts on “The TUFFest Ride Finals

  1. Charli Mills

    It’s winding down. Two more contests (closing Nov. 7 at 11:59 p.m. EST) and our first winner announcements on Friday (and each Friday thereafter). Thank you for all the hard riding you’ve done about the rodeo arena this year. You are a terrific leader!

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  2. Jacqui Murray

    I love these short pithy descriptions. I use Twitter novels as a teaching tool with my students–280 characters to cover everything in a story. Very effective way to get them thinking about the pieces.

    I’ll jump over and check this out.

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