Flash fiction – White flowers

The sixth flash fiction challenge from Carrot Ranch Communications:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes white flowers.

When Charli posted this challenge, I was thinking of writing about my Mum’s white flowers. At the time I didn’t expect that she would pass away before I had it written. After losing her my mind has been otherwise occupied and I have struggled to think beyond those two words “white flowers”. However, tonight I decided to write a brief tribute to my Mum who peacefully went “to Heaven” on Friday evening.  We will say our farewells to her tomorrow. So, it’s not really flash and it’s not really fiction but it is on the topic and is 99 words.

peace lilies

These white flowers in the pot at my door remind me of you.
I bought them for you, to remind you of home, when you moved, with reluctant acceptance.
Peace lilies.
Your beautiful peace lily flourished in the warmth of the sunny spot beside your favourite chair; the favourite chair that you took with you to your new home; that transported you to Heaven. You were ready.
Now they reside with me, in the pot made by his hands; a fitting spot.
You will rest with him in his plot, together again, now at peace, forever.
Love you Mum

12 thoughts on “Flash fiction – White flowers

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  2. Charli Mills

    When you posted that you hadn’t followed the rules exactly, I thought I’d come over here and encourage you to express your creativity even if it breaks the rules. Then I read your post. My heart breaks for you, Norah. I now understand you are going through an emotional difficulty. Then I realized how powerful writing is–to express grief, to memorialize, to cope. Writing is so core to us. We mourn with you, over your mother’s loss and accept your beautiful words in tribute.


    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you, Charli. I appreciate your thoughts and kind words of encouragement. I wasn’t sure how, or whether, to let all my online friends know the reason for my intermittent absences over the past few months; but your challenge was perfect in timing and topic. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this tribute to my mum. I don’t think I could have done it any other way.


      1. Charli Mills

        I’m glad it offered you an outlet. It’s a difficult time to be public. I hope you find some balm in your words, “Live Love Laugh Learn . . . Create the possibilities.” Take care.


  3. Annecdotist

    Thanks for sharing this, Norah, and sorry for your loss. Did wonder if something like this had happened when we missed you on twitter the last couple of days. Do take care of yourself at this difficult time.


    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you, Anne. I appreciate your thoughts. It’s nice to know I was missed. I missed you all too. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’ll be taking my time.



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