Danger Zone #99WordStories

This week at the Carrot Ranch, Charli Mills challenged writers to In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a danger zone. It can be an exciting plot-driven story (think “story spine”) or a situation a character must confront. Play with different genres, and use craft elements like tension, tone, and pacing. Go where the prompt leads!

Charli didn’t say it could be nonsense but that’s all I could come up with after a pretty heavy week of writing books about writing for an educational publisher. The work can be draining at times and nonsense is all that is left. I hope it gives you a smile anyway. Smile and carry on.




That’s quicksand.

I can’t see it.

That’s why it’s so dangerous.

It doesn’t look like quick sand.

It never does. Until you start sinking in it.

I don’t believe you. You’re just trying to scare me. I’m going in anyway.

Suit yourself.

Help! Help! Save me!

You don’t look like you need saving to me.

But I’m sinking.

It’s just your imagination.

You said it was quicksand.

I know, but I was joking.

Then why am I sinking?

You’re not sinking. You’re just  — disappearing into the ground? Yikes! It really is quicksand. Help! We’re sinking! Save us!

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Thank you for reading. I appreciate your feedback. Please share your thoughts.

Note: The collection of stories made in response to the previous prompt Stacking Stones, including mine, can be read at the Carrot Ranch.

40 thoughts on “Danger Zone #99WordStories

  1. Hugh W. Roberts

    I’d say a cute story, Norah. It reminded me of the story of the little boy who cried wolf.

    I like that you have left it to the reader to decide whether it’s kids having a bit of fun or whether they really are in quicksand and sinking.

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    1. Norah Post author

      Thanks, Nan. I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I’m also pleased that you’ve never discovered the terror of quicksand. I haven’t either. Phew!


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  4. Jules

    First – I enjoyed your story. Kind of reminds me of children playing what we used to call ‘Double Dare You’… Like ringing the neighbors doorbells and running away.

    As for quicksand…I had to look it up, and I found this: “Quicksand—that is, sand that behaves as a liquid because it is saturated with water—can be a mucky nuisance, but it’s basically impossible to die in the way that is depicted in movies. That’s because quicksand is denser than the human body. People and animals can get stuck in it, but they don’t get sucked down to the bottom—they float on the surface. Our legs are pretty dense, so they may sink, but the torso contains the lungs, and thus is buoyant enough to stay out of trouble.”

    So I’m going to guess your charactors can get out 😉

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    1. Norah Post author

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the story, Jules. Thank you. I was really just going with kid’s imaginative play. They will get out.
      I had to look up quicksand before I published my story too, to make sure it worked with the facts and not just the myth. Thanks for checking it out too. 🙂

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      1. Jules

        It’s a different world where so many pre packaged toys are available – I tell my grands when they visit to limit what they bring and no electronics so we can actually do something than just sit around watching screens.

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