Robotic Writer #99WordStories

This week at the Carrot Ranch, Charli Mills challenged writers to In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a robotic writer. Is it an analogy or a battery-operated i-writer? Is it possible? What will happen if robots write? Go where the prompt leads!

This is where the prompt took me — a whole lot of mashed-up similes trying to express the various moods of my writing process. I hope it makes some kind of sense and isn’t all gibberish.

Robotic Writer

When ideas stalled and deadlines loomed, her determined digits thumped the keys, pausing after each stroke, like a robotic writer waiting for the next line of code.

When ideas jostled like unruly children vying for attention, never still enough to focus, she pummelled keys like lightning strikes then backspaced like rowboats in the storm.

When ideas flowed as if channelled from another source, her fingers tap-danced like spring raindrops in a puddle with a magpie chorus joining in.

When the final key was pressed and words were read, with scrunched-up nose, she hit delete and binned the robotic gobbledygook.

Thank you blog post

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your feedback. Please share your thoughts.

Note: The collection of stories made in response to the previous prompt Farm Life can be read at the Carrot Ranch here.

37 thoughts on “Robotic Writer #99WordStories

  1. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Norah,
    Ugh – I cringe at this thought. I’m of that class of writer who is stuck back at when the right words struggled so hard to get out, they have some value and that editing if needed may yet reveal the hidden gem stone. I know it’s not always true but . . .
    You caught this image almost too accurately.
    Nicely done.

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  3. Jules

    Sometimes certain ideas should be trashed. But after some review. I don’t like everything I write either. But I’m not one to toss an idea. That said… gobbledeegook needs a good trashing 😀

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  4. Prior...

    I really loved this and the first three stanzas had those clever power endings- the code, the storm, and the chorus
    But the gobblegook (spelling) word at the very last stanza took away from this for me.
    But I think it is my baggage – I briefly worked with a moody guy who used this word a lot and my mind raced back to those weeks
    But also I didn’t like that last word – even if being funny and having play with not getting anything of substance created (is that what it meant?)
    If so, it seemed to take away from the beautiful types of effort in the first three stanzas
    But even with that last word not sitting right – this was a darn good #99 word write!!

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    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you for you indepth analysis of my writing, Yvette. I appreciate it. I’m pleased the first three stanzas worked. Seems like the fourth worked just as I intended it – three powerful attempts at writing all reduced to meaningless and worthless drivel: gobbledygook. 😅 I’m sorry for the word grating with you but it seemed the most appropriate choice to me. I tried a few others but I felt this one was most expressive.

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      1. Prior...

        Well after reading your comment I see how it all fits together and I say well done!!
        I really see that part now and get another layer from this
        Each time I see or hear that word is a chance for me to break the connection with that dude – haha
        So let’s all use the words that fit and let’s keep using them!

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