Happy New Year from readilearn

Wishing you a wonderful 2019! – Readilearn

Thank you for your support during 2018.

I wish you success in all your 2019 projects. Have a wonderful year.

Best wishes,


Remember to let me know if there are any particular resources you’d like me to add to the collection in 2019. Email hello@readilearn.com.au.

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24 thoughts on “Wishing you a wonderful 2019! – Readilearn

    1. Norah Post author

      Thank you so much for your wishes, Adam. I appreciate them, and all you do to make schooling a more positive educational experience for your students.
      Best wishes. N

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  1. Karen Tyrrell Author

    Hi Norah,
    Thanks for your wonderful Readilearn resources for teachers and schools.
    In 2019, I wish you more success with Readilearn …and in publishing your own children’s book
    Take care,
    Karen 🙂

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