Put a Nose on It

This is a great little post from ‘teach to educate’ about flexibility in thinking. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Thanks for reading. 🙂

Teach to Educate

A two-year old had been working on drawing circles, so his grandma decided to amp it up a bit.  She said, “Can you put a nose on it?”  And he did.

nose on it picture

With a smudge on his nose, he lifted his head with pride and accomplishment!

So, this is a cute, cute story.  It’s easy to appreciate this young child exploring the world and functioning without learned behaviors or expected outcomes.  In the same mind that plays these thoughts, other hypocritical thoughts contradict these beliefs.  Are we even aware?  Do we see possibilities in the “wrong” answers from our students and consider it to be neat?

If I were the grandma, I would have followed this “answer” with…”Can you show me another way to add a nose?”  This approach helps the child develop flexible thinking without destroying his own thinking mind or confidence.  He added a nose.  It just wasn’t the…

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2 thoughts on “Put a Nose on It

  1. Bec

    A beautiful story, thanks for sharing, Nor! And a powerful message, too. It’s great that you share the ideas of others, as well as your own here. So true, too, that we can become fixated on the ‘answer’ we expect than we miss out on other potential outcomes. I suspect this is the case throughout many facets of life, not just teacher-directed education.

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    1. Norah Post author

      Thanks Bec. I’m pleased you enjoyed the post and its powerful message. I agree with you about fixating on the answers we expect. It’s a bit like selective hearing, hearing what you want to hear; and also focussing on what one agrees with and ignoring what one doesn’t.



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