The Third Annual Celebration of Teacher Thinking

Every so often I read a post that has me nodding in agreement and leaves me smiling and full of hope for education. This post, by Vicki Vinton of “To Make a Prairie”, is one of those. I hope you enjoy it!

To Make a Prairie

I know many teachers and students around the country are already back in their classrooms, but for the third year I’d like to mark what here in New York City is the start of the school year by sharing some of the incredibly inspiring and thoughtful comments that educators have left on this blog over the last twelve months. Those months have been marked with ongoing conflict about the Common Core Standards, the corporatization of public education, standardized testing and certain literacy practices. Yet, if the comments below are any indication, it’s also been a year in which teachers have increasingly found their voices and are using them to speak out with passion, knowledge, and the conviction that comes from experience about what students—and they, themselves—need in order to be successful. And if I see a trend in this year’s comments, one of the things teachers are speaking out about…

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6 thoughts on “The Third Annual Celebration of Teacher Thinking

  1. TanGental

    I came across something that made me think of you Norah – a letter written by Albert Camus to his school teacher after Camus was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature thanking said teacher, M. Germain, for his guidance and inspiration. It is always said that we only need one teacher to inspire us and the love of learning is embedded forever. I had several who helped but only one, Colin Boun to whom I owe the most immense debt of gratitude. When I receive my prize….

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  2. writersideup

    lol, Norah! I started reading this and thought YOU were writing it while on vacation ’cause it said New York City! I thought YOU were up here, only a stone’s throw from where I live! I found out pretty quickly that wasn’t the case lol

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