A win for Big Questions!

I think this news is too exciting to ignore!
I hope you think so too.
Congratulations Michelle.
A forward step for education and the future!

The Philosophy Club

We’re excited to announce that our in-school program Big Questions has just won a prize! It’s the inaugural Prize for Innovation in Inclusive Curricula, awarded by the Australasian Association of Philosophy. It’s both a fabulous honour and a wonderful source of encouragement to have the Big Questions program recognised in this way by the major professional association of philosophers in our region.

The prize is intended to develop more innovative approaches to teaching philosophy: approaches that present the discipline as accessible to a wide range of participants, that off-set well-known disparities of participation, and that can be expected to improve retention rates of under-represented groups in the profession.

Students engaging in the Big Questions program. Students at Mahogany Rise Primary School engaging in Big Questions 2013.

In our submission for the prize, we argued that one relatively untapped but very promising avenue for making philosophy accessible to a wide range of participants is to…

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5 thoughts on “A win for Big Questions!

  1. teagankearney

    Just the kind of program which should actually be world wide – thanks for sharing this article, Norah. I know there are many good initiatives in education but we don’t hear enough about them.



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