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Affirmations: How good are they?

In a recent post, Happy being me I wrote about the fragility of self-esteem and how affirmation songs such as those by Anne Infante, can help to build a positive environment.

‘I am Freedom’s Child’ by Bill Martin Jr. (mentioned in a previous post ‘I love the mountains’) is another great song of affirmation.

Click on the link to view a poster outlining the benefits of singing Affirmation songs in the classroom.

I invite you to submit any additional benefits of singing affirmations that you would like included on the list and I’ll be happy to update it.

Feel welcome to make a copy of the poster to share with others if you wish.

PS I made this poster using a template and cutout people I purchased (along with many others) from the eLearning Brothers. Check out their website here. I found out about them on another great site: the elearning coach.